Thursday, September 17, 2009

Work Update...


I haven't provided a work update since March, so to summarize:
  • April - Oracle offers to buy Sun for $7.4 billion, Sun accepts, process begins.
  • August - U.S. Department of Justice approves and deal moves forward.
  • September - The European Commission delays their approval, they have until January, just a delay, deal is still moving forward.
  • TBD - The dates for CIC=Change in Control and LEC=Legal Entity Change will take place after EC (European Commission) approves.
The Oracle acquisition is moving forward, it's just a complex and lengthy process. However, Oracle has already started advertising the win. The ad, picture above was on the front page of the Wall Street Journal last week. It's pretty blunt and meant to quiet the noise in the tech industry about whether Oracle will continue to sell Sun hardware/technology.

It reads:
Sun Customers, Oracle Plans To:
  1. Spend more money developing SPARC than Sun does now;
  2. Spend more money developing Solaris than Sun does now;
  3. Have more than twice as many hardware specialists sellling and servicing SPARC/Solaris systems than Sun does now;
  4. Dramatically improve Sun's hardware performance by tightly integrating Oracle software with Sun hardware.
"We're in it to win it. IBM, we're looking forward to competing with you in the hardware business." - Larry Ellison
I think it gets the point across.

As far as an update on my job - I don't have one. I have employment today, for which I'm thankful. But this process and how it impacts my future of employment, is day to day. Truth be told, I'm not really good at 'day to day' because I'm a planner. I like to know what's happening 20 minutes from now. So this 'day to day' thing is definitely stretching me.

So, what is my day like?: I sit. I work. I wait.
The next day?: I sit. I work. I wait.
Day after?: I sit. I work. I wait.

Get the picture? That's all I got folks! Peace out! :o)