Friday, March 27, 2009

Train Ride at Schnepf Farms...finally!

I have been waiting a long time for Nathan to ride the train at Schnepf Farms. I was waiting for the 'perfect' day where Greg could be with us and this will sound corny, but I wanted us to wear 'matching' clothes for the pictures - it's ok to roll your eyes.

We had also been waiting for the stars to align so that we could have lunch at the Schnepf Farms restaurant with Josh & Lynn. We had planned this a couple of times but something would come up and it just didn't work out for whatever reason.

Last Sunday, we finally accomplished both...but it wasn't the 'perfect' far. Isn't that how things usually work out? Our Sunday morning couldn't have been more opposite than what I had envisioned to lead us in our afternoon at Schnepf Farms.

The PLAN was:
  1. Attend the 9:30 service with Nathan in childcare at church.
  2. Take Nathan to the worship portion of the 2nd service, so he could see Dada playing drums.
  3. Go home, let Nathan take a nap.
  4. Change mine and Nathan's clothes to match (cue to roll your eyes).
  5. Meet Greg, Josh & Lynn at Schnepf Farms for lunch.
  6. Let Nathan ride the train.
  7. Take a bunch of cute pictures for scrapbooking!
What happened:
  1. I attended the 9:30 service wearing periwinkle blue, Nathan goes to childcare wearing army green.
  2. Volunteered after the 9:30 service, at the last minute, to lead the 3 yr old class b/c they didn't have anyone!
  3. Nathan was with me in the 3 yr olds room-hence no nap.
  4. Straight to Schnepf Farms for lunch with our friends.
  5. Nathan got to ride the train.
  6. I took a bunch of pictures and complained the entire time about our clothes not matching. Josh stopped just short of telling me to Shut Up!
After lunch, we walked around a little before getting on the train and snapped the following pictures:

This picture is for Grandpa David who recently asked Greg how tall Nathan is right now.

When we first boarded the train, Nathan wanted off. However, once we started rolling, he seemed to enjoy the ride.

Our train ride came to a stop about halfway and we were told that if we wanted to see the deer we would have to walk a ways. We had no idea that there were deer at Schnepf Farms! We walked through a corn field and smack in the middle was a pen filled with about 40 deer!

Here is our group shot...unfortunately the 'B Team' (Josh & I) had closed eyes. In the end, it turned out to be a really nice day - even though it didn't go according to the 'Plan'!