Saturday, March 21, 2009

Free Photoshop Actions? Anyone?

If your reading this and you have a good source for FREE Photoshop Actions, please let me know, I'd like to add a few more to my sad little library.

This is a cool picture I took of my sister a couple years ago (isn't it so symbolic Naomi?)
I found these 3 Actions at, here's a sampling of what they look like....

Here is the Original Picture with no Photoshop editing at all:

Here's the picture with the TotallyRad-'Boutwells Magic Glasses' Action:
I think I'm seeing highlights in this compared to the original...but it's hard to distinguish for me. Maybe it's time for a vision exam?

Here's the picture with the TotallyRad-'SuperFunHappy' Action:
The colors are deeper and it has soft edges and focusing within the picture, it makes the picture 'softer', I definitely I like this one-it's a keeper!

Here's the picture with just a regular Photoshop B&W color conversion, you can almost see a 'yellowish' tinting in it:

Here's the picture with TotallyRad's "Bi****B&W' Action:
Definitely sharper with more contrast between the black/white in comparison to the original, it's the most noticeable in the trees and bushes on the sides.

This is all I've got in my library so far but I'd definitely like to collect a few more, I'm especially interested in that action that you use for almost every picture....if you have one.