Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Signs of Moving....ServPro Boxes.

Here we go again. Our move date has been scheduled for Monday, July 14th. We plan to load the truck and drive out that evening. If you've been around for any of our moves, you've seen these ServPro boxes and you know what they represent. We are in serious packing mode. This is our 5th time to move with these ServPro boxes over the last 6 years.
On one hand, I've come to hate these boxes. Every time we pull them out it symbolizes another move and interruption of life. On the other hand, I love these boxes because they have made each of our moves as efficient as a move can be. It's only when boxes are the same size that they stack so neatly as in this picture. If the boxes were all mismatched sizes, stacking them would require more time and finesse.
As we started packing this week and we pulled these boxes out, I just couldn't believe we are doing this again...and if the boxes had a spirit I felt they would have cried, "Please, not again. Just let us rest for a little while longer". Sadly, each box shows the wear and tear of each and every one of our moves. The cardboard is not quite as stiff as it used to be, it's more pliable and actually has a 'soft' feel to it. There are multiple labels on each box, evidence of every move, every life change. In a weird way, these boxes are like a map of the last six years of our lives, I can tell you by the labels where we moved from and to. Admittedly the labeling system has become much more simpler over time. There are layers of tape at the seams from taping, retaping and retaping them. They really just look 'tired' to me and like they are ready for retirement.
Although these ServPro boxes have served us well over the years, the day we throw them away will definitely be a significant day. It will mean, 'we're done', 'we've decided to stay a while', 'we're going to settle and grow roots', 'we're going to be content and happy right where we are'. It's certainly been a journey, trying to figure that piece of our lives out but I think we finally have.
Throwing these boxes out will be so symbolic, that I'll probably cry as we throw them away. I'm feeling a little weary myself so I hope that time is not to far off.
Please send good thoughts and prayers our way as we trek across Texas and back into Arizona.