Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's 'Perfect' in Arizona

We've been back for 1 week now and it just feels good to be here. Several times now Greg or I have walked outside at various times and we've both said out loud, 'Perfect'. Dry Heat is one of those things that you don't get it until you've felt and experienced it. As I write this it's 100 degrees outside but it only 'feels' like 90 because there is little to no humidity in the air. So it just feels 'Perfect'.

To build on this concept...going swimming in Arizona is also 'Perfect'. You know how when you go swimming and if you just dive in, there is a good minute of temperature shock? The water is chilly and cold because the outside hasn't been hot enough to warm the water. Or you may be one of those folks who just dips your toes in the water because you already know the water is cold and it's going to take some time to adjust to the temperature. It's not like that here.

We went to a friend's house on Friday night and hung out at their pool. In Arizona, especially during Summer, you can dive right into the water and you never experience that temperature shock. While the heat here is dry, it is still hot, it's just you don't break out in a 'sticky' sweat every time you walk outside. So when you jump in the pool here, the water is cool and refreshing, it's not 'chilly' as is often the case when you go swimming. It just feels 'Perfect'.

So here are a few pictures of our time in the pool. It was also Nathan's first time to enjoy the pool, we tried twice before, but neither time was enjoyable as it was this last time.