Saturday, December 4, 2010

Participating in Parade Day!

We were in our town's Christmas parade today.  There was much buildup to this event in the Hull homestead.  I explained to Nathan we were going to be IN a parade and kids from his school were dressing up as bible characters, he said he wanted to dress up as a Philistine Warrior.  How was I to explain that was on the wrong team? Well, someone has to be the bad guy, I guess.  Philistine Warrior it was.  I outfitted Nathan's wagon and off we went to be in the parade.

We walked behind his schools float/trailer which portrayed the three wise men and various stages of Jesus' life. 

It was another great community event and it seemed like everyone was either participating or watching street side.

As with all our community events there was a huge turnout, tons of vendor booths and activities for all ages.

For Nathan, there was this free train ride provided by a local who lives in the community.  He didn't get paid by the town to provide this, he just brought it out and provided free rides because it's Christmas - wow, that's Christmas spirit! It goes without saying, Nathan was thrilled.

For me and appealing to my love for vintage, was this 1928 Ford Model A decked out for the holidays.  The owner offered to let me sit in it and then took this picture!  This car is soooo me!  :o)

And I guess the town brought some snow in, I saw a few patches here and there of snow, kinda funny.

It was a fun event, we'll look forward to doing it again next year!