Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Less Than Perfect Gingerbread project and it's Okay.

On Black Friday, I bought one of those snazzy looking gingerbread kits.  The train one. On Sunday, after church, Nathan and I worked on our project. Nathan; excited and eager.  Me; unsure, bouncing back and forth between crappy instructions and the picture on the box.

This was not an easy project, it was actually very hard and I was trying to instruct a 3 yr old through it.  We finished our project and needless to say it didn't look anything like the sweet picture on the box.  It was less than perfect. It was messy. It was full of flaws -  if you compared it to the picture.

But I wasn't comparing it to the picture because our project was never really about making a cute gingerbread choo-choo train. It was about Nathan and I working together and spending time with one another.  So if you come over and you see our messy gingerbread choo-choo, don't laugh.  It was a labor of love - literally.  :o)