Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chelsea's Kitchen : Kelsey's Heart

Remember this couple? Jim Bob and Kelsey.  Time and time again, this young couple impresses me - and they did it again.  Kelsey called and explained that in lieu of exchanging Christmas gifts this year,  she and Jim Bob wanted to treat us to a nice dinner.

"Get a babysitter & dress up." Kelsey said.  

So we did and we had the most fantastic time. They took us to Chelsea's Kitchen in Phoenix and this review excerpt nails this place down:
With its hip, Pacific Northwest-chic interior and a patio that feels more like a secret garden, Chelsea's Kitchen can easily make you forget you're dining in the desert. This casually sophisticated establishment insists on the freshest ingredients (especially fish), used with equally fresh and flavorful ideas that complement the restaurant's cool but comfortable style.
This place was cool - much like our hosts. :o)   And the food?  Well the food was ah-mazing!!  Seriously.

Greg's dinner...

My dinner...

Snapped a picture of the kitchen staff hard at work, making delectable dishes...

So the restaurant was chic & cool. The dining was fine & fabulous - but it was the company that made this night remarkable. The night was really about spending focused quality time with those who are special.

(Pardon me while I step on my soapbox.) This young couple gave us the gift of their time and there really couldn't be a more perfect gift than that.  Now, they did pick up the tab, which was undoubtedly hefty but their intention was to share a special place, a good meal and quality time together and I think that's what Christmas should be about.  Adults, can we fore go the frenzied gift buying for the sake of buying/giving and just spend focused quality time together? Seriously. (Stepping off the soapbox now.)

The sweet memories from our dinner together will linger in my mind for years to come.  From the conversation we had, to the stories we told and the laughs we shared, this will be a special night I'll always remember.  Besides, I won't forget because we took pictures - that's just who we are -  haha!

Our table... Josh holding the other camera...

Gary holding the camera now, hahaha!

Our group shot, love how Josh tucked his hand in Lynn's pocket, sooo high school ya'll! :o)

Jim Bob and Kelsey, thank you so much, we really had a wonderful time! Love you, mean it. :o)