Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Mom's 2 Week Visit to Arizona

A week ago, my mom's visit to Arizona came to a close.  The following message and pictures are for my family in S. Korea. 

In Korean:

English Phonetics:
Annyeonghaseyo imo! Annyeong sachon! Eomeoniwa jeoneun choegeun-e jeulgeoun bangmun-eulhaessda.

Pictures of the things we did:

We ate lunch at School with Nathan.

 We ate yummy Korean food at Cho Dang restaurant in Chandler, Arizona.

We went swimming!

 While at the pool, Mom jumped in a pick-up game, hahaha!

We had coffee and donuts at the park before Church.

 Cute picture of the little guy with the sucker Grandma gave him.

We went to the best train park in Phoenix!

We rode on fun rides!

We went thrift shopping!

We took pictures of big wooden fish!

We had a really nice visit! :o)


  1. I loved your recap! It looks like you and your mom had a lot of fun. :)

  2. What a nice surprise to see you write in Korean! We all here in Korea look forward to seeing you and your mom here in Korea someday. Take care.
    - my husband's translation

    Though your cousin(my wife) can't fully understand what you write on your blog, she always visits here and keeps up with you and your mom's latest news. I too was surprised to see Korean on your blog! Thank you for remembering us. We hope we'll meet again either here or at your place. Please say hello to Greg and Nathan.
    - Your cousin's husband