Saturday, March 13, 2010

SKATELAND - Oh yeah.

Nathan and I attended a birthday party at Skateland. Skateland.  That name just takes me back 26 years ago to when my cousin Gayle would take me roller skating. It was a total throwback and flashback to the 80's for me.  The skates, the music, the people.  Hahaha - the people who CAN skate and the people who CAN'T.  Too funny!!  Much has been updated to stay current with the times, like inline skates are now available but the total roller skating experience  has remained the same and the spirit of roller skating is still very much alive!

I actually didn't roller skate, I just didn't want to break an arm again but I enjoyed watching our friends.
 The birthday party girls just getting their skating wheels warmed up...
Not many people know that I'm a fierce Air Hockey player, something I'm very proud to share.
Nathan is now 'in training' to carry the torch.

I love these pictures of Nathan totally enjoying this new game. 

...and HE SCORES!  (I let him score just for the record.)
Cake time, just seconds after I took this picture Nathan proceeded to blow out Sara's candles.

The birthday party minus Nathan (was on my hip crying and very tired by this time).
So much fun, I'm considering having MY next birthday party at the skating rink!