Thursday, March 11, 2010

Engagement Photos? But I'm not a Photographer!

Here is another amateur photo shoot that I was asked to do. Greg plays Softball with Shane & Carly, who are getting married this year.  They asked if I could take their 'engagement' pictures to which I cited my non-professional disclaimer and then I acquiesced. As I edited 800+ pictures later, it became painfully obvious again that I really am not a professional - not even close.  Fortunately, I took some good pictures but I wished I had more considering the number of total pictures I took.  It seems like I only walked away with a small handful of pictures that I would qualify as 'frameable'.  Here's the good ones....

That's it for now, I'm gonna go look up photography classes now.
Wait, gotta make dinner first, then clean the kitchen.
Oh yeah, gotta move the laundry over.
Dangit, I forgot I gotta pick up the dry-cleaning today.
Ah...well, that photography class will have to wait a little bit longer!