Friday, March 19, 2010

Photography by Nathan T. age 3

So it turns out that our 3 yr old is quite the photographer.  Typically when I'm trying to buy myselft time in an adult coversation I will often hand Nathan my little point and shoot camera and without fail it always buys more time. Nathan plays with the camera and the adults continue in coversation between blinding flashes of light. Later when it's time to upload the pictures, I'm pleasantly surprised, it seems he's got a knack for this. 

Pictures that Nathan took recently including the one above of Josh - now one of my favorites of him!

I love this picture because Nathan is turning the camera 90 degrees to take a portrait picture, self-taught!.

Those were some of his really good pictures but he is only THREE after's a few of his duds. And maybe it's just because I'm a proud mommy but I still see an artistic angle to these...

...and every once in a while we gotta remind him to take his finger off the lens... :o)