Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ostrich Festival 2010.

You read it right.  Ostrich Festival.  It was the 22nd Annual Ostrich Festival to be a matter of fact.

Let me tell you something, you haven't seen a race, until you've seen an Ostrich race.
In the next few pictures, you'll see human jockey's clinging to the backs of racing Ostrich's.

The Ostrich festival also had a really great petting zoo. Nathan got so tickled when the goats licked his hands while we fed them.

I wanted the goat to 'pose' for our picture together so I held out the cup of food towards the camera and it worked - the goat looked up!  Here's our picture together.

Here are the Hull's with a real, live, Texas Longhorn.

We also had the pleasure or pain, depending on how you look at it, of watching a Journey cover band.  The lead singer that was a TOTAL Steve Perry look-a-like from the hair to the clothes to the voice.

There's something about the casual atmosphere of an outdoors concert that I love, it's just fun. 

Since Josh started watching Nathan for us once a week,  Josh has become Nathan's best buddy. Here's a sample of a typical conversation that two of us will have..
Me: I like ice cream.
Nathan: I like ice cream too.
Me: I like trains.
Nathan: I like trains too.
Me: I like Nathan.
Nathan: I like Josh.
It would be nice, if Nathan reciprocated with "I like mommy."  But no. Every time, without fail, Nathan will say "I like Josh."  I was finally able to get pictures of these two playing and having fun.

Lynn and I started this silliness in 2005, here is the "Best Friends Forever 2010" picture - same pose, different angle - I like it. :o)

The fun day ended with some rides for Nathan...

 And that was our first time at the annual Ostrich Festival...until next year!