Monday, November 23, 2009

RockPoint Coed Softball Team Dominates


This weekend was Greg's Co-ed Team’s softball tournament. On Saturday, they won all 3 of their games and advanced to the championship game on Sunday. It was a double elimination tournament, so the opposing team would have to beat Greg's team twice to win.

Please welcome, my guest blogger, Greg Hull. **applause**

Here is Greg's summation of Sunday's games...

"After hitting well and playing excellent defense Saturday, our bats went cold and we lost the first game. We had to play a second game in which we came from behind to win the championship. In the 4 seasons we’ve had this team, we have won the championship twice and played in the championship game 3 times. I think I smell a dynasty.

One more stat, I am 2 for 2 on anti-climactic championship wins. The first time, the lights turned out early on us, so we didn’t get to finish the game. On Sunday, I thought we still had time for 1 more inning, so on the 3rd out while we were out in the field, I just ran in like we were going to start another inning, but the game was over and we had won. Next time, I will be throwing hat and glove and starting the dog pile."