Sunday, November 15, 2009

Beauty Secret Revealed!

All right calling this a 'Beauty' Secret is probably stretching it but here is some information you probably didn't know which makes this.....(watch video clip)

Earlier this year, by chance, I met a licensed Esthetician (skin care specialist) and I asked her what brand of facial soap/makeup remover could she recommend that would not cost me a small fortune. She passed on this Brand New Information! to me.

She recommended this soap, which is also recommended by dermatologists. You can find it for $6-8 at almost any store. She said it is equal to the expensive stuff you buy at department or specialty stores. Found it, bought it, check!

I also asked her about ex-foliating (removing dead skin) and she then recommended this next product and said it's the same as the $60 jar of some-high-dollar-brand-name, which now escapes my memory. Talk about a secret! Found it, bought it, check!

I've been using both of these ever since! They are inexpensive products so I've saved money. They are easily accessible and I can pick them up at almost any store. You'll hear no complaints from me! Seriously though, I haven't had a pimple this year. Just saying.