Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day! This morning, I presented the father in our home with the customary card along with a few shirts at which he said "Thank you, I needed some new shirts." :)


Later in the day, I presented Greg with a large Tea drinking cup- he's been searching for a good size tea cup for years-at which, he said "Jeez Julia, that's perfect!" :)


Thennn...I surprised Greg with something so great, he boldly proclaimed "You are the BEST WIFE in the world!" Wow. Did you read that? I'm the Best Wife in the World! So, what did I give Greg to make such a bold proclamation?

Was it a new iPhone? No.
Was it a lift and new tires for his truck? No.
Was it a C6Z06 Corvette? No.

No, my friends, it wasn't any of these things.
It was Pumpkin Chiffon...Greg's most favorite dessert of all time.

See, I only make Pumpkin Chiffon at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yet, Greg is seriously obsessed with this dessert. It's in a 9x13 pan and Greg will eat the entire dessert, by himself, within 2 1/2 days. He literally asks me on a weekly basis-throughout the year to make this and I never do because it's like Turkey-you only eat it at Thanksgiving and Christmas! That, doesn't stop Greg from constantly pestering me to make it though. Here is Greg with his most favorite dessert of all time...


So what's wrong with this picture? I was making Lawnmower cupcakes when I gave Greg his dessert and just prior to the big surprise he had just crammed a cupcake in the side of his mouth! LOL. Here's a picture of the cupcakes that I made for our Father's Day dinner. I didn't have the right color of candy though so they didn't come out just right but you can get the idea...


Hope you all had a nice Father's Day,
Julia, The Best Wife in the World. :o)