Friday, February 6, 2009

Project 365 - January

I've gotten sucked into something called Project 365. It's Becky Higgins’ January Kit of the Month. I don't have the kit but I want it....badly. But even without the kit, I'm still participating in Project 365 along with many others who were not able to get the kit either. I'm hoping that Creating Keepsakes has a reprint and I'll be able to get one....

I can just hear you asking... 'WHAT are you talking about?"

Who is Becky Higgins?
  • She is a celebrity scrapbooker, seriously. I have her autograph and my picture with her. Here it is:

What is the 'Kit of the Month'?
  • Creating Keepsakes creates and sells a 'Kit of the Month' designed by a well known scrapbooker and the scrapbooking community goes nuts the day it goes on sale.
Who is 'Creating Keepsakes'?
  • Creating Keepsakes is a huge presence in the scrapbooking industry. They publish magazines and books. They have a product line, they hold annual conventions, much, much more.

How big is 'scrapbooking' ?
  • CK created 7,000 Project 365 kits and they sold out in 3 hours. 7,000 kits x $35.95 per kit = $251,650. Don't you just WISH you could make $250K in 3 hours?!
  • It's not just a hobbyist community, its a cult. We have magazines, conventions, classes, stores, celebrities, and contests...GOOD contests. Scrapbooker of the Year wins $10,000 cash, plus other prizes AND a 2 year contract with Creating Keepsakes. I liken the community of scrapbookers to that of Star Wars fans who dress up in character at Star Wars movie premiers, just a little obsessed...except we are worse, actually we are more like the people in New York on Black Friday who trampled other people to get into Walmart. We would do that if it was scrapbook related!

So what is 'Project 365'?
  • The concept of Project 365 is to preserve a piece of your life every day this year. Traditional scrapbooks typically focus on events/trips/special occasions with decorated and designed pages...but all the everyday stuff that really makes up our LIVES gets lost between the pages. Project 365 is about capturing and recording ordinary everyday life. Every day, every week, every month…all year long. If you are interested, here is more information about Project 365. Here is an example of what a week would look like, if I had the kit:
Add ImageNaturally, I'm late. I didn't decide to participate in this project until Wednesday, Jan 28th but I'm not letting this small detail deter me! What this post was originally about was to share what I've been able to capture for January 2009. I don't have any supplies to pull this together so for right now my Project 365 is digital, right here, until I can get the materials I need.

Here's what I've got for January, Project 365 by Julia Hull!

1/1/Thursday - 4th annual New Years Day Brunch, had a great time and great food with friends this year!

1/3/Saturday - The Hulls & Staffeldts drive an hour away just to eat at a Texas icon which can now be found in Scottsdale, Arizona-Dickie's BBQ, yummm, good food!!
1/4/Sunday - Nathan going down the slide in Rock Eternal's nursery, Crazy Aunt Lynn was there so Nathan was completely content! awwww......
1/8/Thursday - Happy 1 Week Birthday Eli!1/10/Saturday - The girls and I went shopping at Party City for the Reitzel's upcoming baby shower and couldn't resist this silly shot!

1/15/Thursday - Finished Eli's scrapbook for the shower, can't wait to give it to the Reitzels!
1/16/Friday - Josh and Julia enjoy dinner at 5 and Diner. Lynn, Greg and Nathan didn't. So we picked up a Schnepf Farms apple pie on the way home to make it up to Greg. Lynn and Nathan were just out of luck!

1/17/Saturday - Reitzel baby shower. A little bit of fun, games, chaos & mayhem made a great baby shower!
1/18/Sunday - Here I am taking pictures of Nathan's feet again, trying to get a fun shot for Nathan's birthday invitations......
1/20/Tuesday - Inauguration Day, I watch Barack Obama, stumble through the swearing in ceremony on while I work at my desk.
1/21/Thursday- Rocco, the neighbors dog, who I am convinced is trying to drive me insane with his incessant barking the MINUTE I lay on the couch! (photo taken from 2nd floor screened window)
1/23/Friday - Sometimes I don't even recognize my house anymore, my kitchen table looked like this for DAYS....DAYS! I used to be so spic and span, neat & tidy...what has happened to me?
1/24/Saturday - Greg and Nathan both daydreaming about being on the water...
1/25/Sunday - I worked with the 3 yr olds at church with my official volunteer badge. Whew - so glad I passed the background check! ;)

1/26/Monday - Nathan playing with his workbench and safety goggles atop his head. Whenever I shout 'Safety first!' he giggles.
1/27/Tuesday - Greg and I watched 'The Davinci Code' with Tom Hanks. Our commentary went something like this.
Julia: "I can't believe all the controversary that took place around's just a movie."
Greg:"Yeah, it's not like I really believe someone turned a DeLorean into a time machine!"
(Back to the Future analogy)

He cracks me up!
1/28/Wednesday - Greg dressed up for his part-time job interview at the SRP call center in Queen Creek. It didn't work out because the training would take place during regular working hours, interfering with Greg's full time job...but I give Greg credit, it was a good idea!
1/29/Thursday - Ping Pong, Greg whoops up on some friends WHILE holding Nathan at the same time! Whose the man? I say, WHOSE THE MAN? GREG IS!!

1/30/Friday - We take the day off from work and dedicate the time to working at our home group's Benefit Garage Sale.

1/31/Saturday - We finished up the garage sale and since I wasn't in charge of pricing, we made $410! Then I took family pictures for the Fifields later in the afternoon.

And that's it, that's what I've got for January 2009!