Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lighting is Everything

They say lighting is everything in photography...I'm a novice but I'm learning that this is so true. Some friends asked if I could take family pictures of them...why people trust me to do something like this, I'll never know. I said I would be glad to do it but repeated numerous times to them, "I'm not a professional!".

For some ridiculous reason I thought 4:00pm would be a good time to shoot...not really. The sun was still a couple of hours from setting and we were really struggling with the light and sun glares in the pictures. Case in point, see the picture below? Clearly, when your subjects are either squinting or covering their eyes, you need to move. This picture cracks me up when I look at it!

I took a series of pictures of the Fifields in this pose and some of them turned out decent...but....
Then, I asked everyone to yell 'Hey' and throw their hands up (my signature picture pose). Here's what I don't understand, I never changed a setting on my camera and I don't think that I moved from where I was shooting but for some reason, these pictures turned out dark!
Such a shame, because I thought this was such a cute shot but hopefully Photoshop can fix it.

The pictures weren't a complete bust though, here were some that I thought turned out pretty good.

Here was a shot that I liked because of Isaiah's expression in the picture.
So I cropped Andrew out and made the following picture.

Here was another shot that I liked, I really liked little Elsie's posture and expression so I cropped everyone out just to see what it would like.
She's too cute!What is my deal with feet?

This being my second time to take family pictures, what I find is afterwards as I look at the pictures, I really begin to notice my friends in the pictures. Maybe I move through life too quickly? In this case, I never stopped to notice how beautiful my friends smile is. As I looked at picture after picture, I just kept seeing this really beautiful smile....I need to remember to tell her!