Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Greg!!

"Happy Birth Moment" Greg! - Dwight Schrute
My husband is 31 today here are...

31 Things I Love About Greg!

1. I love how he can sit at a piano and play
incredible melodies right off the cuff.

2. I love how he can blow bubbles because of the retainer in his mouth.

3. I love that he can teach himself how to do anything just by research
like build a shed, install new heads on an F-body, or put in a wood floor.

4. I love how he can play any sport and look good doing it.

5. I love how competitive he is no matter what we are doing;
canoing, playing cards, or just hanging out in the pool.

6. I love that he does not wear unnecessary jewelry or cologne.
He wears a watch and wedding ring, that's it, simple.

7. I love that he is extremely intelligent, yet very humble about it.

8. I love that he will pose and take a picture of us but not tell me the ridiculous face that he's making, only to make me crack up laughing later.

9. I love how he has watched every episode AND reruns of all the popular 90's sitcoms and that he titles this as the "Best Picture of All Time".

10. I love that he is a genuinely funny person and can make anyone laugh, especially me, pretty much every day of my life.

11. I love that he is who he is and he's comfortable in his own skin.
No one is going to coerce him to eat chocolate or drink coffee, not even me!

12. I love how he can find something positive in the worst of situations
and even the worst of people.

13. I love that he treats his password as sacred and unspoken.
Even when it's just the two of us, I'm prohibited from saying it out loud.
Just the fact that I've written about this has him squirming in his seat.

14. I love that he is fiercely loyal to his friends and to the teams he roots for,
no matter how the season is going. Go Cowboys and Hook 'Em Horns!

15. I love that he is a man of integrity especially when it comes to his work ethic.

16. I love that he embraces my family and loves them like they are his own.

17. I love how he throws a bowling ball...rather catapults a bowling ball.
If you haven't seen it in person, ask us out for bowling!

18. I love how he dances to Michael Jackson's 'Beat It' when
we have something big to celebrate.

19. I love that he is a drummer but that he can also pick up any
other instrument and learn how to play it.

20. I love that he is a team player and will make
sacrifices for the team when it's necessary.

21. I love that he is a Man's man.
He'll sweat, not shower and think it's perfectly fine.
And he also thinks swimming is equivalent to a shower.
No metro-sexual here!

22. I love that he cut's his own hair just to save money but doesn't
mind that I'll spend an arm & leg to get mine done.

23. I love how he looks like Sling Blade walking down the street
after getting motion sickness from reading in the car.

24. I love that he loves God and wants to do what's right just because.

25. I love how he always knows what direction we are facing and
can drive us anywhere across the country without getting lost.

26. I love how he works tirelessly every time we move until he just passes out, wherever he is and in the middle of whatever he's doing.

27. I love that he has a good eye and can take an awesome picture.

28. I love that he doesn't make rash decisions but after careful thought
and consideration, he'll give something a try.

29. I love that he'll hike with me, even though he'd rather be jetsking!

30. I love how even though it's my dream, he will come alongside
and join me like it's his dream too.

31. I love that I'm already at 31 and I could keep going!!

Happy Birthday Greg!