Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nathan's Birthday Party

We had Nathan's 2 yr birthday party last Saturday at a park called Playtopia which is like a Disneyland for little kids. It's a huge park with 3 different themed play areas;

There's Critter Land with climbing rocks & desert animals in the sand, sorry I didn't capture a single picture of this area. Then there is City Land with an intricately designed sidewalk painted roadway for ride on toys and tricycles.

And lastly theres Farm Land with this huge covered (for hot summers) playground structure for kids.

This is what our weather was like on February 6th and that's Greg wearing shorts. (Yes, I'm rubbing it in!)

We were fortunate enough to reserve the Cork Oak pavilion literally the week party planning became a debacle - it's a long story why I was so late getting this reserved!

We gave Nathan this Radio Flyer tricycle which was a big hit for him and us! His feet don't quite reach the pedals but the handle in the back allows us to push him AND steer him in the direction we want to go. Thank you Grandpa Jack & Ann for the Christmas money and to Uncle Jimmy & Melissa for the Target card from Christmas, which we used to get Nathan's birthday present!

Maysen, being the ever sweet friend to Nathan, helped him out and pushed him down the sidewalk and she only started walking a short time ago!

I actually made Nathan's cake because Greg distinctly remember his dad making all of his birthday cakes, it was their own tradition, which I think is endearing. So I thought I would give it a try. Two of the layers came apart on the drive to the park though and Greg joked that 'our house was divided'.

Turns out Nathan loves Strawberry Cake...he should- it's a Hull favorite!

Nathan is beginning to understand opening presents but he's gun-shy and doesn't really tear into them so we have to give him a lot of help. What do you want to bet by next year, he won't need any help at all?

Then we just played and had fun on the playground, probably Nathan's favorite part of the day!

The preproduction to Nathan's party had Greg and I both assembling our pieces for the party.
Dad's job is to assemble the toys...I was way to late getting a picture of Greg putting this tricycle together, it was in a hundred pieces before this picture. At this stage, he was finishing the pole that goes in the back.

Mom's job is to do everything else. Like get the supplies together for the party and/or make the cake! This is a picture of everything I needed to make the Barn cake.

This being my first attempt at cake decorating, I wasn't sure how much icing I would seems I overestimated. I had ton's of icing leftover, in fact this picture is what was left!

Here's the cake...I can't believe I made this!

The writing on the back turned out a little scary though.
Greg and I thought it looked like Halloween writing, kinda creepy!

As a sidenote, I received two copies of this book for my birthday (Sunday) from 2 different friends. Either they are trying to help me in my photography endeavor or they are trying to tell me they think I'm a dummy! Hmmm....