Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Ya'll

Ironically, I don't have many pictures to share of our Holiday thusfar but I still want to spread some Christmas Cheer. So I'm reposting some material that would be on my "Best of Blog" list if I had one! So picking up from Christmas last year...

"For some reason my mom thinks I can sing and what's funnier is she thinks I can sing in harmony...I'm not sure why she thinks this but to pacify her Christmas wishes, I agreed to sing with her while we were hanging out tonight. My formal disclaimer: I know I can't sing so by posting these videos I'm putting myself out there to be completely ridiculed by all who read and watch this but there are to many funny elements in these videos to not share them!

In this first video, we were just starting to sing and I'm starting out so badly that I can't help but crack up at how awful I sound but you'll see my mom taking this oh so seriously much like a choir director, which is funny in itself, so I have to stick with it and do my best with fingers in my ears. We must have sounded bad because suddenly Nathan attacks me and then throws his head in my lap as if he's begging me to stop singing, then he just gives in to laughing at us.

Second up. While my mom and I are singing, Nathan wants to join us so I have him sit besides me and I ask Greg to make the video. We begin and Nathan chimes in, the only issue is he's singing along in his own made up language which is pretty funny to me. The three of us must have sounded pretty awful because mid-video, I see Greg laughing and shaking his head at us, then he sets the camera down and just walks off, which then cracks me up but as I implied earlier my mom is treating this like it's a dress rehearsal for a formal performance and she's taking it all very seriously so she plows through but towards the end of the video Nathan finally cracks her up.

Lastly, I had to make a video focused in on Nathan singing along in his made up language to 'O Come Let Us Adore Him' but notice that he can't seem to stay still, he's squirming around the entire time as if he has 'ants in his pants'. "

Mock if you will but 'Tis the Season to be Jolly' so Merry Christmas Ya'll!!