Saturday, June 21, 2008

Todd Triplets Turn One!

Greg's cousin, Ryan, and his wife, Teryn, have Triplets who turn 1, June 23rd! Have you ever wondered what life would be like with 3 infants at once? Teryn emailed me this when the boys were only 10 mos old, imagine:
  • 15 Loads of Laundry a Week
  • 10 Dishwasher Runs a Week
  • 3 Cases of Diapers a Month
  • 1 Case of Baby Wipes a Month
  • 25 Jars of Baby Food a Week
Fortunately the lucky parents have survived the year! Congratulations Ryan and Teryn...and Happy Birthday Jake, Tyson & Zach!

Pictures from the birthday party this weekend. You only turn 1 once, so you should get a t-shirt to mark the event!
The Todd Family: Ryan, Teryn, Taylor, Jake, Tyson & Zach.
Waiting on the takes alot of time to organize events like this and then to multiply it by 3!Happy Birthday Boys! We are all looking forward to watching each of you grow up!