Monday, June 23, 2008

Little Drummer Boy

So I have three different videos of Nathan playing drums, while it may seem excessive, there something different in each one that I want to point out.

Greg was playing upstairs and naturally, Nathan is always curious when he hears the sounds of raw live music coming from up above. He's been upstairs only a few times, so I hauled his 22 pounds up the stairs and much to his delight, he was now in the presence of his Guitar Hero who was playing Bass. Then, without any hesitation, Nathan picked up a 'pair of sticks' and before we knew it was a live jam session!

In this video Nathan is working on a new technique...3 sticks instead of 2.

In the next video, Greg plays the snare and Nathan 'feels' the rhythm, look for the 'dancing' feet.

At the end of this video, Nathan wraps up the jam session by expertly transferring his sticks to one hand and walking off. Too cute!