Friday, September 16, 2011

Pinterest and Black Tar Heroin



How do you pronounce it?
I have no idea.  I've googled how to pronounce it and everyone says it differently.  I've resorted to saying "I found something on Pin...P-In...on the internet."

What is it?
My friend Courtney described it this way on her blog "There are so many great ideas and creative inspirations there, but it is also a time sucking vortex of epic proportions." 

Another blogger, Brittaney Gibbons wrote an article titled "Why Pinterest is Like Black Tar Heroin."

From my personal experience...both are accurate.  Think 'bulletin board and tacks'.  Pinterest is the same idea but happens online.  It is a virtual bulletin board for everything I see online.  I can create as many bulletin boards as I want - categorizing those images and url's.  Uh-hum, that's a dream come true for this OCD girl!

Furthermore, you can 'follow' other peoples boards that you find interesting.  Before you know it, another door to a big virtual world has opened before you! For example, the deliciously sarcastic signs I've posted to Facebook?  Found on Pinterest.

This cute little craft project I made for Nathan's PreK class?  Pinterest.


Awesome new blogs I've recently added to my "Inspired By" blogroll?  Pinterest.  Check these out...

For free printables, this lady totally rocks.  Don't you just love the name of her blog? I think it's perfect. ;)


For anything about Organizing your home, life, car, whatever, Jen is your go-to girl.  I totally heart her blog!


So I've been wasting time looking for projects and fun ideas on Pinterest.  When Greg sees me online looking at Pinterest, yet again, he simply says "Black Tar Heroin"  which totally makes me laugh out loud!