Saturday, August 13, 2011

Air Conditioning Mandatory.

Summer in Arizona does not mean running around outside.  Quite the opposite, Summer is the season we run around inside, where air conditioning is available.  Sometimes we have to be creative like the Saturday Nathan and I spent an afternoon at...The Mall.

There's a Train at The Mall.
Me:  Nathan, we're only going to ride the Train once because it costs dollars.  We'll ride something free as much as you want.  Do you understand?
Nathan:  Yes, I want to ride in the coal car.  No, I want to ride in the green car.


{Photo-bombed by a 2 yr old.}

There are coin operated rides at  The Mall. 
Me:  Nathan, you can sit and pretend but I don't have change (I did) for these.  We can ride something free as much as you want.
Nathan:  Ok, I'm get on ice cream truck and pretend I got you ice cream.



There are also elevators at The Mall.


Me:  Nathan, do you want to push the button on the elevator?
Nathan:  YES, yes, I wanna push the button!  (has finger hovering over the 1 button, waiting for family of 4 to finish loading)
Oblivious Father:  (leans over 4 yr old with finger hovering over 1 button and pushes 1 button himself)
Nathan:  (offended) Hey! (disappointed, face crumples, crying ensues)
Understanding Mother:  That little boy was going to push the button.
Oblivious Father:  Oh I'm sooo sorry, I didn't realize it, I didn't know.
Me:   Nathan, it's o.k., we can ride the elevator again (it's free) you can push the button next time....come on, let's go ride an escalator.

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