Monday, November 15, 2010

A Lady Celebrates Eighty!

I love to address this lady by her full title of "Grandma Mary Edith Esau" and a week ago, she celebrated her 80th birthday with her entire family and a good number of friends.  We were so honored to attend and join the celebration.  We all watched a touching video presentation, sang a few hymns, ate some cake and visited with friends we had not seen in years, it was a really special time.

If I had to describe this lady in a single word, it would be 'Spry', the definition being "active and brisk".  She totally fits the bill; she regularly exercises (something I can't seem to manage), she is rarely sick, she's at every family function, she's active in her church, active in her community and she still travels all over the country visiting her kids and grandkids. Get this, she recently complained that her computer was...too slow!  So her family pitched in and got her a new computer for her birthday.

She also has a quick wit and the best sense of humor.  At the time this picture was taken she said "Make me look good, ok?".  She totally cracks me up and I don't think she needs any help looking good - she's beautiful as is!

Even though, she had all of her fraternal grandkids around, she had time to hug and pose with her foster grandkid, which really touched my heart.

During the birthday celebration, Nathan got to hang out with his new friend, Evan.  It was the best day ever...until he was running and then fell down..and then scraped his knees...and then screamed bloody murder for an excruciatingly looong time...and then we had to leave from painful embarrassment...but that's ok, it was the end of the party and we needed to scoot out anyway.

One last picture, captioned, "Really?"  As in, am I really making that goofy face and letting someone take a picture?  What a dork-wad.  Nice picture of Nathan, though.

Happy Eightieth Grandma Mary Edith Esau!