Monday, November 8, 2010

Friends Before We Met

So often technology can be so frustrating when it doesn't work as it should.  Like when my phone won't sync up with Outlook.  Or when I can't access programs recorded on the DVR.  However, sometimes, technology has it's redeeming qualities.

Case in point. Lori and I have been friends for close to a year.  We've exchanged information about photography, software, parenting, etc.  We have encouraged one another in our successes and sympathized in our failures. We have laughed at each other's most scatterbrain moments.  But we had never met face to face until recently.  We became friends online by following each others lives through our blogs and Facebook. 
 (I forget how short I am, then a picture reminds me)

We finally met face to face last weekend.  Lori and her family stayed with us while in town for a family reunion and the short time we were able to spend with them was precious.  There were many highlights, like getting to know her family and and liking them too.  hahaha!!

Another bonus was Nathan's immediate friendship with their little boy, Evan.  They played and played  but my favorite part was hearing them wake up in the mornings and whispering conspiratorially in the dark while the rest of the house slept. SO CUTE!

Both boys are train lovers, so how could they NOT be instant friends, right?

Okay, how cute is this picture of these toddlers gathered around a laptop?!  Baby Geeks.  Hahaha!!

I have to sneak this in.  If you heard Dan speak you'd swear Peter Gibbons  from 'Office Space' was talking.  Dan sounds just like him and maybe it's just me but I think he sorda looks like Ron Livingston to. We really enjoyed getting to know Dan, he has a knack for providing funny quips at just the right moment, so funny. 

Our friends left on Monday and it was sad to see them go and the sentiment was shared.  Nathan made this craft at school the same day.  It reads, "Nathan is thankful for:" and the first feather says "Evan".  Seriously.