Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fund Raising Garage Sale

We had a fund-raising garage sale this weekend and I have a few pictures I want to share.  The background on this is;  there are 10 of us (4 families) who are traveling to Mazatlan, Mexico in October to partner with an organization called Homes of Hope.  We will be building houses for people who live in 'squatter villages' - these are the communities that live in cardboard boxes, no electricity, no plumbing, etc. Over the last couple of months, we have been working as a team to raise money for this which is why I've been sooooo busy and not blogging as much! :o)

For our Garage Sale event, our group has worked tirelessly collecting items from people, Craig's List, donation boxes, you-name-it for our garage sale.  Yesterday was Garage Sale day and these are the pictures.

We needed to meet at 5am to set up, it was still dark outside when I left the house, I took this picture of the time and temperature from my car as I left.  
Summer in Arizona has arrived!  85 degrees at 4:45 in the morning.  The high for the day was 107. :o)

This next picture was after we set everything up and we were open for business.  I don't know if this picture captures the magnitude of how much stuff we had but it was unreal.

We hung our banners (I designed them!) over the garage and we let shoppers know it was a fund-raising garage sale and we promoted our next event, a Father's Day golf tournament.

It's hard to see in the picture above but there is a big pink candle with a red heart just behind the table with the 2 tvs.  We had a few of these huge candles on the table and someone noticed, that the candles were melting from the heat!  What do you do with melted candles at a garage sale?  Grab a bat.

We closed down at noon, we had made $610 in 5 hours, that was the upside.  The downside was we had a ton of stuff leftover but none of us wanted this stuff back in our garages!  We had been collecting for months and finally had garage space back.  So we loaded everything up, literally filled a horse trailer up and took a MASSIVE amount of stuff to Goodwill.

This is most of our team, minus a spouse and the teenager who is taking the picture for us. 

 More pictures (of May) to come, stay tuned!