Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stress | Word Clouds

When I'm stressed and overwhelmed, I'm not gonna lie - I snap at people, I get emotional, I lose my self control.  Once I've completed these tasks in a span of 15 minutes, I realize the need for a deep breath and try to pull myself together. 

Just recently, my emotional pressure valve released steam and Greg asked "Why did you get so mad about that?".  As I thought about it, a picture emerged in my mind, everything in my life that was demanding my attention or a piece of my day was large & looming.  The ME part of the picture was so insignificant that it was nearly invisible, emphasizing this feeling of "Can I just have a minute to myself, please??". 

As I visualized this, I remembered an online tool that generates “word clouds” from text that you provide. I needed a stress reliever, so I went to and typed out everything stress related in my life. I repeated certain words like "Nathan" to make them larger in the picture representing, the more demanding or stressful areas in life right now.

It worked.  After typing everything out and using a creative outlet, I felt better. Now, deep breaths and on to the next task at hand.  :o)

Blog Post Amendment

After Greg read this post, he visited and created his own word cloud. It was just the laugh I needed after my rough morning-I love him for that.  Here is Greg's word cloud, which also prompts me to say "Welcome to my life".