Monday, May 3, 2010

JimBob and Kelsey Strothers, man and wife, man and wife!!

 This weekend, we attended Kelsey Norton's wedding to Jim Bob Strothers.  It was so sweet in so many ways, here's some of the things that made this wedding so special...

One reason is it's the Norton's, our surrogate family in Arizona.  Everyone knows how we feel about this family.

Another reason this wedding was special is because of Kelsey. Beautiful yet humble.  Intelligent yet funny.  Confident yet down to earth.  She is just the right mixture of all the right qualities.

Gary walking Kelsey down the aisle...

Elaine watching her daughter...

All of Kelsey's ideas down to the smallest of details made this wedding so sweet and simple, so personal and intimate.
Jim Bob and Kelsey released two balloons that represented each other's pasts.  Letting the past go and coming together as one, new life.  I loved this - wished I had thought of it when I got married but it wouldn't have worked as well, we were married indoors. hahaha.

As many weddings, as I've attended, I can't remember one where the couple actually wrote their own vows.  It was so touching, so moving, so personal, so intentional and both of them prepared their thoughts and words so beautifully.  It was by far the most special part of the wedding to me.  I told Jim Bob he made me cry and he said "You always cry." hahaha!

From their engagement pictures, to their wedding invitation, to their non-existent gift registry, there were so many unique factors to this wedding. Jim Bob and Kelsey did not ask for any gifts as most couples do, they simply asked that we share the day with them but  I wanted to give them something.  This engagement picture that gave me an idea.

Cute, huh?  So right after the ceremony I gave them a box of 20 hand made mustaches.  I made two different mustache styles and painted the sticks their wedding colors. Uber fun for the pictures.

Not one to miss a photo opportunity, I grabbed a couple of frames of Nathan and I because the setting was just to pretty to pass up.

Before the reception, Sloan Photographers, photographed the bridal party in downtown Tempe. The pictures will be urban and cool. Like everyone else, I can't wait to see them! I happened to catch this shot of the bridal party walking down the street to the reception.

Also special - the two toasts that were made in honor of the newly wed couple.  The best toasts, I've ever heard, honestly.  Again, intentional-personal-well thought out, just superb.  Afterwords, Jim Bob and Kelsey thanked everyone for being there and someone asked for the mustache pose, gracefully, they obliged.  Too cute.

It was such a remarkable day, with so many special details.  For a  very special couple...wishing you more joy than you can imagine, just enough trials to make you stronger and an everlasting love to carry you through your marriage.  Congratulations Jim Bob and Kelsey!