Thursday, February 18, 2010

London's Run

I have healthy friends who run in marathons.  I should be like them.  Well, enough thinking about that. :o)  Here are some pictures from London's Run!

The Runners...

The bystanding spectators!

Taking off from the Starting Line...

And while they ran, we hung out, talked, and took pictures.  Speaking of taking pictures....

I gotta shout out to my friend Lynn.  I love that she's not afraid to pick up my camera and start shooting pictures.  However, she underestimates her abilities immensely!  Case in point, she took this candid shot of me and Nathan. Love it!

And this one...LOVE.

After a while, the runners began to return and we stood nearby cheering them on. Here's Josh sprinting towards the finish line.

And Amber and Randi...

And I close with this last picture that reflects the emotion I was feeling at the time as I watched a young boy of about 8 limp across the finish line, cane in hand with a proud grin stretched across his young face.

Actually we were all crying as we watched this boy but this picture just happened to catch Kim laughing, at me -crying!

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