Thursday, February 4, 2010

Back to Blogging

Yep, it's been a good chunk of time since I've last posted what is going on in our lives.  To sum it up - ALOT.  For details, continue reading. :o)

Work Update:
Nine months ago, Sun announced it's sale to Oracle.  Finally this past month the acquisition was complete.  I'll spare you the details of why it took as long. Beginning January 27th, Oracle took control. The employee integration process began and employees in the United States received notifications with either an offer to work at Oracle or a separation packet.  I received an Offer...which I accepted. I overnighted my signed offer and it's been non-stop Oracle integration processes since then.  I've joined a new company and everything will soon be changing.  I feel so fortunate to be in the position I am and am so thankful for an opportunity such as this.  That's my work update!

Home Update:
Remember "Painting Man"?  Well, Painting Man is gone.  Backyard Man has replaced him!  Greg has worked non-stop on one thing or another to complete our backyard. 

Before Picture:

After Picture:

Although the path looks like dirt, it's not.  It's 11 tons of crushed granite that Greg wheelbarrowed in and spread all through out the yard where you don't see grass or flowerbeds.  Back breaking work but Greg is a machine, he did it in 2 days and in the rain, which makes the rock heavier.

I've done my part to though!  I finally made our patio more presentable.  I found everything you see at garage sales. :o)

I also found this three person swing at a garage sale.  Please take note of the stone deck the swing is sitting on - thanks to Backyard Man!  We also got plants this week which makes such a huge difference.

Personal Updates:
Part of the hiatus from blogging was just due to sickness.  Nathan and I have been sick but we're on the upswing now.  We are also entering a very busy time of year - it's what I call, "Hull Birthday Week" because all of our birthdays are just 2 days apart.  I always forget mine though because my birthday is sandwiched between Nathan's and Greg's.  I'm so preoccupied with what to do for both of their birthdays, I never think about my own!  Which is why the next event really touched my heart.  The Nortons and Incorporated had us over for a birthday celebration...just for us.  How sweet is that?  Really. 

Talk about a fun birthday party.  We had a fabulous dinner but the best part was the dessert. Elaine's creativity has no limitations, she made these amazingly cute cupcakes that I just have to show you.  These flower cupcakes were for me.

These basket weave cupcakes were for Nathan.

And these assorted sides were for Greg - corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, peas and carrots. HOW CUTE IS THIS? The secret? Food coloring, Icing, M&M's, Starbursts, Caramel! Fun.

Gifts were also shared and Nathan received a bug catching net and massive magnifier, which led to this very special picture of Greg that is so near and dear to my heart.

Is that not so FUNNY!

That's it for today, we've got Nathan's birthday and Superbowl parties coming up, so still alot going on!