Saturday, August 8, 2009

Julia played Softball.

Isn't it Ironic - Top 5:

5. Isn't it ironic that I played Softball?
Because this is Greg's thing, not mine.
But this was a fund raising Tournament for my neighbor,
so I played in a Softball Tournament, 3 Games.

4. Even for the veteran Softball players it was HOT. It was 113 degrees.
It was so hot, someone on our team (a veteran player) actually vomited.
Isn't it ironic that I was side by side with these people, hanging tough? Me.

3. Over ten years ago, I took a book to a Baseball game.
Greg gives me grief about that to this day.
Isn't it ironic that in between games, Amber,
one of his co-ed team mates, pulled out a book to read?!

2. Isn't it ironic that most everyone on the team I played with
are people that Greg plays Softball with? Like Brian.


And the #1 Isn't It Ironic?
point about this event.....

Isn't it Ironic that GREG WAS IN DALLAS?
And he didn't get to see or be a part of any of this!