Monday, October 27, 2008

Open for Business!

Well outside of the home improvement projects, the child rearing and full time job that keeps me pretty busy these days...I've decided to start a side business venture, as if I have alot of spare time to spare! A couple of things led me to do this.
  • First reason: A few years ago I created a little scrapbook for a manager at Sun and she has been asking to pay me for another one ever since. See the "Children" Album.
  • Second reason: A couple of months ago, I needed to create a scrapbook for another person at Sun but our move back to Arizona and my trip to Washington really put me in a time crunch to get it done and I learned that I really can put a nice quality scrapbook together in 5 nights. See the 'Appreciation' Album.
  • Third reason: I could really use some extra dough!
Now that we are settled in and for all the reasons I've stated above, I've decided to offer my scrapbooking services! So basically, this post is my shameless plug for myself, here it is:
If you or anyone you know is interested in a customized scrapbook, please send them my website. (I used the same blog template because it was simple for me to put together and why change something that works?!) Click here to see SpareTime Scrapbooks and let me know what you think!
Since this post was really just my elaborate marketing plan, I do realize it isn't as fun as seeing pictures or videos of the Hull's so I'll check back in later this week. Teaser...Nathan will be wearing a Lion costume this Friday!