Monday, October 20, 2008

Just for Fun...

This is just a shout out to everyone because you may have noticed I haven't been posting as frequently to the blog. Although we are pretty much settled in the house, we are now in the trenches with little house projects that seem to occupy every minute of our spare time in addition to the little guy who is relentless in demanding attention for himself...which I tolerate because he's so darned cute! :)

Anyway, I came across this video and couldn't help but have some fun and post it. I would like to title this video "How NOT to Impress a Woman".


  1. Julia, those are some good bloopers on the video that I am going to forward on to my email list.

  2. Wow! I almost sent this to Keith, but then realized that it would probably end up on the big screen during a Sunday morning. And really, there was just too much going on that people do not need to see in church!!! Funny stuff, though!

    I "tagged" you on my blog. Go check out my latest post to see.