Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Young DoTK Leads.

I just received this picture last night and my heart swooned over this precious little cutie patootie!  This young DoTK is wearing one of the first tshirt designs for girls from the DoTK tshirts.

I know this cutie personally and one of the things I absolutely love in her young personality is that she's already secure in who she is - pure DoTK.  She can say 'No thank you' without second guessing herself and continue walking without looking back.  I LOVE that about her personality and pray it never changes.

How about us grown women get a good dose of that and walk with some of that kind confidence?  How about we let our 'No' be No, our 'Yes' be Yes and maybe, just maybe we practice 'Let me think about it' when its appropriate.
This sweet little girl is leading the charge and if she can do it, we can too.