Sunday, August 25, 2013

Kids Remember Journal = Complete!

Years ago, when Nathan started talking, I made it a habit to occasionally jot down funny things he would say or his toddler pronunciation of words.  I used yearly calendar books to record the things he said and I still continue to do this.  These are the calendar books which have accumulated over time.

My entries weren't for every day or even every week, just whenever I could manage it or remember to do it. For example, here is just a single entry that I quickly scribbled one week in 2010:

A while ago, I took advantage of a Paper Coterie special and ordered the journal where I planned to consolidate all these calendar entries.  The journal turned out really cute (photo by Amy Kaylor) and it would seem I was ready to start.  My hangup though was which pens to use.  I deliberated over this for an unreasonably long time. For this type of memory book being passed down to someone, I think handwriting is best because it's personal and nostalgic.  However, I hate mistakes and I didn't want this cute little journal filled with scratch-outs.  I needed a good quality, multiple colored, erasable pen.  Enter the Pilot Frixon pen set.

These pens saved my project!  The ink is thermo-sensitive gel ink that disappears with erasing friction.  The end of the pen includes a gray rubber nub, used to rub away ink. Best part is there are no eraser crumbs.  I consolidated all my calendar entries entering each one in my Remember journal and used multiple ink colors to differentiate between the years.

I'm all done and the journal will sit and await the remainder of the entries for this year.  Oh. I just realized by typing that statement this project isn't really's ongoing.  I can never mark this off my project list? Well, it's totally worth it.  As I worked on this I had already forgotten some of the silly and at times, profound things, my little one had said and I was so glad I had written those things down.  And therein lies the whote point! ;)