Monday, April 8, 2013

Distractions of an Organized Mind

People have always said "Your so organized."  It's true I am organized but I honestly think the only reason I'm organized is because I'm also easily distracted.  Case in point:

I went into the kitchen for a mid-morning snack during work hours.  I should have grabbed my snack and headed back to my office.  Instead, I found myself eating a huge chunk of french bread and staring at a disheveled cabinet.  It bothered me.  I stood looking at it for a few minutes, considered what the shelf above the microwave looked like and decided I needed to 'rearrange' the two cabinets. 

This exactly what I looked like as I pondered, eating a chunk of bread....

I finished my snack and was ready to make a switch-a-roo with the cabinets....

I grabbed a step ladder and started pulling contents out of both cabinets.

When I finished, I looked at the rearrangement, which made better sense and went back to work.

Mind you, I went into the kitchen to get a snack.  I didn't set out to reorganize kitchen cabinets.  I just got completely distracted.  And now the cabinet is better organized. 

Yep, I'm organized but I think it's only because I'm easily distracted!!