Saturday, April 9, 2011

The end of Tball.

After 5 weeks, our first T-ball season has come to a close - the takeaways for each of us:
Greg:      Learned that 4 yr old kids really do have a painfully short attention span.
Julia:      Learned what items to bring to the field on game day - mainly a chair.
Nathan: Learned how to act around misbehaved kids whose parents sit idly by while their children terrorize other kids. 
The team picture - cute.

Getting ready to bat.

 At bat.

Running to first base. 

Throwing to first, already looks like a natural - just like dad!

Receiving his first trophy and that's a very genuine, very happy smile.  

 Nathan did not believe me when I said he was going to win a trophy.
This is my "Told-you-so" picture.  I'm very mature.

Soccer starts next week.  Hoping we have a good team - as in, I hope we have a group of kids who know how to act and behave.  What are the chances?