Tuesday, August 31, 2010

January 2008. Scrapbooked.

My life is not as it used to be.  That being said, I'm behind on scrapbooking my one and only child's life.  I think about the moments I'm failing to record on a daily basis.  DAILY.  It makes me sick.  I've been on the warpath for months to do what I can - when I can.  Unfortunately, it's slow going because life continues moving along.  People, events, organizations all demand my time and my calendar gets booked, then I'm too busy. I still capture moments in pictures but I lack the time to scrapbook.  It depresses me.  Sorry, I know I'm ranting like a crazy person. I just thought I'd share my recent accomplishments of documenting when Nathan was 11 months old - Jan 2008.  That's the timeframe of where I last left off in scrapbooking his life.  Ugh.

Initially, I tried to work quickly.  I'm not trying to impress or create a wow factor here, just trying to get the pictures and timeframe documented.  I selected paper & elements that aligned with the season that the pictures were taken.  No time to color match clothes to paper and all that nonsense. 

These were taking to much time to complete, 1-2 hours. No wonder I wasn't getting any traction.  If I was ever going to catch up, I needed to simplify.  Selecting multiple pieces of paper was slowing me down, so I reduced the paper to just one small piece behind the pictures, leaving a  3" white border.

It took about 45 mins to complete which was still to long.  I needed to really minimize what I was using in each layout, less elements and less time spent building them.
Now we're talking.  It took about 15 mins a page to complete the layouts above.  So that's my format for success as I try and blow through the last 2 1/2 years.  One piece of paper and 1 element on a solid white background, which will also keep uniformity throughout the book (if I ever get it done).  Wish me luck - please - I need it. :o)