Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blog Giveaways...a new trend.

I've become a pretty seasoned blog surfer (read: a new hobby) and I've noticed that blog giveaways are a hot trend right now. I'm not the only one who has noticed this either. One blogger that I follow, recently had a blog giveaway, you just needed to leave a comment to enter. That post (pictured above) had 912 comments! Can you believe that? Crazy.

I share all this to simply explain, this particular post is really an entry into a blog giveaway, hahaha. The Design Girl is giving away a blog makeover and one of the ways to enter is to post about it on your own blog. So here's my post...I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win! :O)

By the way we have had so many activities in the last few months and I am sooo behind on posting the pictures. To put in writing what I have in my head, here are the posts and pictures that are soon to come, not in any particular order;
  • Greg-Off the Road Again.
  • Who knew Slip N Slides were so fun?
  • Choo-Choo, Vroom-Vroom.
  • Monsoon Madness Mud Fest
  • Building a Backyard
  • My first Scrapbook Order!