Monday, April 7, 2008

One Big Step!

The time has come where Nathan is able to let go of what he's holding for support and walk away. He's a little wobbly and unsteady but he's able to take a good 10-15 steps completely unaware of what he's doing. He's 14 months and I'm experiencing those often heard motherly sentiments "...I can't believe how quickly the time has gone by..." It's a strange combination of mixed emotions. There's a sense of pride and joy that your child is growing and learning but there is also a sense of melancholy...he isn't going to be a 'baby' much longer. I guess I've joined the ranks of Motherhood! Here is Nathan walking:

Nathan is also very intrigued by the telephone. He has watched Greg & I on the phone, seen us hold it up to our head and talk. So Nathan plays on the phone and pretends he's talking. But when he holds the phone up, he's actually holding the phone behind his head above his back. I don't think he realizes we are holding the phone up to our ears or he doesn't know where his ears are! You can get a glimpse in this video:

This last video is intriguing. Nathan likes to take my travel size mouse from my laptop and hold it up to his head. It's the same motion he uses when he's 'talking' on the phone. You'll see him hold the mouse up behind his head as if he has the 'phone' up to his ear. I 'think' he thinks it's a phone but I'm not sure why!