Monday, April 21, 2008


The weather was so nice this weekend that I took Nathan to our neighborhood playground on Saturday. And now that he is able to walk, it was a much different experience than sitting in the stroller and watching other kids climbing and jumping around.

At first, Nathan was overly cautious & clingy. He finally sat down and played with the mulch, then got courage to stand by this small platform that is so low to the ground that it's at Nathan's waistline when he stands. He then was having a blast throwing his leg over the corner of the platform and letting his foot reach the ground on the other side. He was doing this over
and over, lots of smiles and giggles....until he fell and got scared. Of course, I held him and patted him on the back telling him he was o.k. When the sobs subsided and the tears dried, suddenly all fear and hesitation were completely gone. Nathan started walking around, exploring the whole playground area whereas moment's earlier we were pretty stationary in our little spot. Now... I was in constant motion, walking behind him, pulling sticks out of his hands as explored. What happened to being able to just sit and watch him play inches away? That only lasted 15 minutes! Sadly I don't have any pictures from our playground experience.

But Sunday afternoon was also nice so we headed to the backyard and these are the pictures we took:

This picture is just for perspective on how small Nathan is in wide open spaces!