Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Get some rest. Take a nap.

As I studied Mark 4 one morning and read about Jesus calming the storm, a familiar story took a turn.

To summarize, Jesus had been pouring into a crowd of people all day. When evening came, it was time to retreat, it was time to go. As they traveled across the the Sea of Galilee, they were suddenly caught in a storm and Jesus slept.

You ever have those days/weeks/months where you have poured and poured into other people? Your family, extended family, friends, people in crisis, whoever it may be. You look back and find that you have been pouring yourself out, meeting needs, satisfying expectations, rising to the challenges of all the people around you and you haven't taken a break?

Jesus did this the entire time he walked in the flesh. He walked a lot; meeting people, talking to them, pouring love into them. Challenging them, demonstrating all the fruits, modeling the example to follow for every generation to come. What kind of experience could it be to have all the power of God but to be limited by physical needs? To find he was thirsty or hungry or in need of a nap??

There in that boat on the Sea of Galilee, after a full day of pouring into people, Jesus needed a nap. He knew that storm was coming and he still took that nap. And when he was jarred awake, he stood and spoke to the storm; with power and authority, he spoke to the storm.

I don't think the two events are a coincidence. We have to rest. We can pour and pour and pour ourselves out for those around us but we must rest. Because a storm is inevitable. Storms are a natural order of life but if we haven't taken time to rest...what energy will we have to face the next storm? What reserve will we draw from to speak to the storm with any sense of authority? If we haven't taken a moment to rest?

I have to show you this picture of this funny little one who finally passed out in a semi-upright position. We laugh at this but this is exactly what we do and what we look like as adults. This is us. We just keep going and going and going until this happens...

Jesus says "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest."

So what is the truth for today? It's ok to take rest. To pause life, take a nap. Resting is as much a part of our battle strategy as physical training. Let's not feel unnecessary guilt for taking some time for our own well-being.

Daughter of The King,