Friday, August 29, 2014

To my future forgetful self....

I recently read and thoroughly enjoyed this book.  But because I'm an avid reader and tend to forget details and/or mesh stories together, I didn't want to forget why I enjoyed this reading.  So I inscribed inside the book my brief thoughts when I finished reading.  It also seemed important that I remember the dates I read this so I can recall my stage of life at this reading.  Certainly, my thoughts and feelings about this book are so intertwined with the stage of life I'm in right now that it's notable to note. ; )

As I exhaled the contented reader sigh that I imagine every reader releases at the end of a good book, I grabbed a pen. I quickly jotted my inscription, marked the day I started reading, the day I finished and included my signature.

"What a neat idea.  I'm so clever, I didn't even see this on Pinterest." I thought as I finished my inscription.  Though, now I wonder, has someone already done this?  Is my idea original? I was in the middle of this book when I thought of writing an inscription...I'm not going to Pinterest this.  I'm not.

I have to do this for every book I read now.  How cool, twenty years down the road to look back at my bookshelf and recall how those books moved my heart or simply entertained me at the time.  Of course, this will be a little awkward when someone checks out a library book and they read my personal note inscribed but whatever. Hahaha!  Just kidding, not to worry, I vow to be a good role model and not mark up library books. : )

Disclaimer if you choose to read this book:  If, by some chance, you pick up this book to read and by some chance, you want to discuss the virtues of this book and what you loved about it, I'm all for that conversation-count me in. 

However, if you want to debate-criticize-condemn the author for her potential controversial theology and beliefs, I'm not interested in that conversation. You are entitled to scrutinize in your own space.  However, there is enough negativity that parades by my face each day and I am not inviting more of that to my doorstep.

Just had to say it.