Thursday, March 13, 2014

Stepping in the Arena.

I am not articulate or eloquent enough to express how deeply this Theodore Roosevelt quote resonates with me.  Every. Single. Line.  It stayed with me from when I first heard and read it.
For more years than I care to admit, it was the critic's comments that counted the most to me.  It was the one who pointed out my stumbling  and told me I wasn't good enough that I cared the deepest about.

In 1999, I stepped into the arena and I began fighting in a battle with a clear mission and purpose. I was covered in dust, sweat and blood. I had a number of victories. I also had many defeats.  I did not deter from the course though because I was fighting for a worthy cause.  As long as I was striving towards what was right and true, the errors and shortcomings did not matter as much. 

To this day, I will catch myself placing to much value in criticisms, opinions, expectations.  So I step in the arena to battle for a worthy cause and before I realize it, I find myself Daring Greatly. Again.

What is the Worthy Cause?  It's Living in Freedom.
Make no mistake, I'm not talking about living in a free country with certain liberties as a nation.
I'm talking about living Life. Free. Not just physically but mentally, emotionally, spiritually. 
Entirely. Different. Subject.

Anyone who has known me for any amount of time, has heard me mention a study titled 'Breaking Free'.  I'm very comfortable 'talking' about the impact this study has had in my life but the idea of writing about it seems daunting. Daring Greatly. Simply because - it's a worthy cause.

Next post; Breaking Free Cliff Notes. 

Stay tuned.  Or not.  Whatever.  ;)