Saturday, April 21, 2012

Look who is coaching now!

This post isn't about Justin Bieber. It's about Greg Hull.. I've heard Greg repeatedly say that he "never wants to coach".
Not adult softball.  He just wants to play.
Not kids t-ball. He just wants Nathan to play.

So it was a complete surprise when Greg reluctantly agreed to coach Nathan's soccer team. And I mean reluctantly!  He agreed only because there was a need for someone to do it not because he had a burning desire to do so.

So turns out, Greg is an  amazing soccer coach!  That's not just my biased feedback, it's also the parents feedback as well!  He has shown incredible patience with the kids, his practices are purposeful and much to my surprise, the kids absolutely love him!  He just may have sealed his fate. :o)

Coach Greg with a captive audience during practice:

Coach Greg and his team during a game:

I love this next picture. Greg is smiling up at one of his players who casually threw his arm around Greg's neck.  They totally love him!

My hero husband.  He's awesome.  And that's that. ;)