Monday, February 13, 2012

The Grand Canyon by Helicopter!


Greg's carefully constructed birthday surprise this year was 'helicoptering through the Grand Canyon'.  Uh, yeah-not to shabby.  In fact, quite the opposite, incredible!!  There are not enough words, nor are there adequate words to describe the experience.  To say it was epic is really understatement.  To say it was spectacular or awesome or incredible or amazing....well even these words fail to measure this event up.

I created this brief video clip, hoping to capture on film our experience but as with many things of this nature, it's just something you gotta experience for yourself to really appreciate.  But click play anyway! :)

That's it. Words fail me on this one!


  1. Love it! Beautiful pictures! So cute that Nathan fell asleep...What an experience, so glad you guys got to do that together. Nice job Greg! (And Julia, you were having a really cute hair day that day! Bonus!) :-)

  2. That was AWESOME !!!!! Thanks for sharing ....

  3. Wow! And what a perfect song to go with it!! Nice job, Greg!

  4. Fantastic indeed. And the music for the video is perfect.

    So what did you do for Greg? This seems to be the year of over-the-top birthdays for the Hulls!

  5. the snow on the canyon is beautiful. what a birthday :)
    I love that Nathan fell asleep... way to go Greg :)
    Happy birthday Friend!