Friday, July 8, 2011

Trade out for Tile Completed

The DIY (do it yourself) house project replacing the linoleum flooring for ceramic tile throughout the house is finally complete!  Insert happy celebration right here...wait for it is....Whoohooo!!  Yippee!!  WOOT-WOOT!!!   Yay!!!  Loud NOISES!!

Wow.  It is so much nicer and perhaps it's just a mental issue for me but it just 'feels' cleaner to me.  That nasty linoleum flooring always felt d-i-r-t-y.  The house feels sanitary now and I just love that feeling.

Nathans Bathroom Before:

Next, Greg created a pathway for our entry into the family room.  Here's a series of Before and Afters:

(a little bonus, look who's sitting at the table eating breakfast!)

Greg then worked on the kitchen.  I forgot to take a Before picture at this angle but here's a a picture of the kitchen floor right after we moved in the house.

After tile installation:



Just a few more.

Here's to the man that made it all's to Tile-man!

Next up....laundry room makeover....