Saturday, June 11, 2011

It is finished.

The data conversion project I've been working on for 2 months finally went live Friday night at 6:46pm pst.  Released.  Done.  Over.  Finished.  Why all the fuss?  What's the big deal? means I can have my life back!  I can sit on the couch with Greg at night again.  I can play with Nathan. Cook quality dinners again.  I can clip my coupons & grocery shop like I used to, I can scrapbook, I can work on our yard, I can work on home projects, I can take Nathan to the library....

*happy face* - *happy dance* - *happy me*


  1. Oh happy day!!!! Can't wait to see that face and dance this morning!

  2. so glad you are back.. come swimming.. we have an above ground pool and the kids would love some friends to swim with them..